Listening to Capital FM in Quicktime

95.8 Capital FM

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I have recently started listening to Capital FM, as opposed to Spotify. I used their web radio interface here. However, I didn’t like it.

I set about looking for a way to play the station in iTunes. First, I checked the list of built-in radio stations. Damn, it’s not there. Some digging around in the source of the official player revealed that it’s a Windows Media stream – played by WMP in Windows, and Silverlight on OSX. On Linux – what, you really expected it to work in Linux?

Some quick Googling finds the Windows Media® Components for Quicktime. Download and install those, and you’ll be able to play Save the page somewhere using your web browser, and you can just double-click it to play. If anyone’s aware of a favourites feature in Quicktime, or a way of listening to that stream in iTunes, please comment.



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